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Projects we support

The Cradle of Hope

The Cradle of Hope is situated in an impoverished neighbourhood, on the West Rand of Gauteng.

They run a Pre School for 60 vulnerable children, who attend daily, where they are educated, nourished and fed.

These children are to a large extent the children of the destitute, abused and vulnerable women/ moms, who are being housed , rehabilitated and “skilled Up” in the House of Restoration at The Cradle Of Hope, who come from all over Gauteng and have found a place of safety in one of the Shelters which the Cradle of Hope provide, although some of the children attending the Pre School are from the surrounding poverty stricken area.

They are taught each day by compassionate, caring teachers, and can look forward to a brighter to future than what they have experienced thus far.

Chic Mamas Jozi takes pride in being of support  to this worthy cause, ensuring that the Pre School, has the materials, teachers, food and needs which they have in order to make Education a reality to these little people.

Dayspring Children’s Village

The majority of the children who have been educated and cared for by Dayspring, have had lives transformed and have become productive contributors to the economy. Many were the first to finish high school and to attend University. They have become engineers, doctors, pilots, youth workers, pastors, nurses, fire fighters, business owners and general labourers. We desire to see many such places planted to provide love and security to at-risk children in rural Africa. We believe that what we have started in Magaliesburg is just the beginning! In the future DCV deeply desires to establish small orphan homes where there will be house parents with 8 children per home. However, our emphasis will always be on building community first by keeping families together through ministering to the whole family and relieving stress factors which cause children to become ‘vulnerable and ‘at-risk’.Other projects will be undertaken such as ECD or skills development centers as communities at risk are identified and the needs ascertained.

Daypsring continues to intervene in the lives of at-risk children through Christian Education and care. We desire to grow in capacity in order to reach more children in need of our care and see lives transformed and the cycle of poverty broken over their lives.

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