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My Happy Place- a Trustee/Volunteer’s perspective

My Happy Place- A Trustee/Volunteer’s Perspective

The Japanese word “Ikigai” has entered the global lexicon and closely describes my Chic Mamas experience. Over more than a decade, I have evolved from a regular Customer, to a Volunteer and most recently a Trustee. I can truly say that Chic Mamas found me and not the other way around.

My Happy Place.

Every time I think about Chic Mamas (which is often), it brings a smile to my face and lifts my spirit. It is where my passion and gifting intersect to provide personal meaning.

I am happy because it brings me JOY, CONTENTMENT, FULFILMENT and sense of COMMUNITY. I can see that what we do has generational INFLUENCE, for the common good.

My happiness spills over into all aspects of my life. I talk about it all the time – at home, in my gym sauna, at the checkout in the grocery store. I just can’t help myself. Being a Trustee has enabled me to fully immerse myself into all aspects of our stores and use my broader skills to raise funding and improve our customers in-store experience.

Always so much fun.

It has been said that “you cannot give, what you don’t have” – our volunteers serve our customers.

At Chic Mamas, happiness is shared. Every day, I get to serve alongside a fabulous community of women, who volunteer and unconditionally give of their time, in our clothing boutiques.

Chic Mama’s is a joyful place where woman can enjoy a beautiful shopping experience. A place where they are Seen, Heard, Acknowledged, Supported, Comforted, Encouraged, Uplifted in body , mind and soul.

In our store, shopping is never a guilt trip – instead, we turn it into an affordable shopping experience. We like to think of it as a grand gesture of giving back to the community and looking fabulous in the process. From the time they walk into our store and long after they have left, we want women to feel worthy and celebrate their “fabulocity”.

As Volunteers, it’s not about the sale – it is about the interaction and making a personal connection. Every customer matters – this is the essence of Chic Mamas.

This warms our hearts.

Someone once said – “when you sow, sow into fertile soil” . We believe that a Child that can read, is a happy child.
Chic Mama’s is more than just a Stylish Chic Clothing Boutique. It’s more than just a vehicle for raising millions towards Early Childhood Development (ECD) and impacting literacy and numeracy projects. It’s more than just a donation drop off point. The money raised by Chic Mamas makes a massive difference to the ECD projects that we support and thousands of children’s lives are impacted.

In conclusion …..
I feel very honoured and blessed for the role that I play at Chic Mamas. I am proud to be a MAMA… Making a difference one clothing item and one interaction at a time.

We all have a purpose in life and I have found that living my purpose has brought me joy, and widened my circle of community and influence.
If you are looking for Happy Place and a sense of Purpose, consider joining with us as a Volunteer.

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