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Hangberg Park Makeover

Hangberg Park Makeover

The Oudeskip Park in Hangberg is a small community park frequented by many children and adults on a daily basis.  It was run-down and most of the play equipment had either been broken, stolen or vandalised.  But today, it was officially reopened by Cllr Rob Quintas with new swings, a roundabout that works, a slide, seesaw, jungle gyms nd brightly coloured artwork.

Chic Mamas provided the necessary funding in partnership with M&G Investments,  to repair and upgrade the play equipments as well as sponsoring 3 local artists to decorate the play area with additional games and activities for children of all ages!  The upgrade project began in February and through the hard work of many, including JunkSTARS and City Parks, the area has been transformed into a space that is once again a fully functional play park that is a bright and happy recreational space for the whole Oudeskip community.







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