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Eco-Warrior Program

Eco-Warrior Program

Children growing up on the Cape Flats are faced with a deluge of daily
challenges, many of which are exasperated by the high unemployment rates in
the area. Issues such as gangsterism and substance abuse are part of their daily
lives and many of these children are merely trying to survive from day-to-day.
Opportunities to grow themselves and to escape this harsh environment are
few and far between. These children have the potential to be tomorrow’s
leaders, to grow our country and to change their communities, but experiences
that have the potential to change their lives and to shape their futures are
seldom on offer – this is where Earthchild Project comes in.
We aim to nurture and develop the children of the Cape Flats, inspiring a new
generation of confident and conscious young leaders.



Our Eco Warrior Clubs are a year-long Programme based at our focus schools in
Khayelitsha and Lavender Hill. The Programme’s weekly lessons are conducted
after school, in small groups of 20 children, to ensure that quality relationships
are nurtured, and the children can be given the focused attention they so need,
but is hard to attain in school classes of 40-50 learners.
Through positive, experiential and engaging outdoor sessions, the Grade 5
children are taught about the role that they each play in our environment, as
well as practical ways that they can take action. Through projects such as waste
audits, school wide awareness campaigns and the setting up of organic food
gardens, the Programme is integrating leadership training with life-skills and
environmental education in a way that both motivates and inspires change.
The ultimate aim of this programme is to nurture a life-long love for our natural
world and to inspire these young earthchildren to care of and to protect our
planet. In addition, we aim to give children the practical skills to do so and the
belief that, even at a young age, they can make a positive difference!



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