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The Sustainability Quest

The concept of sustainability as we know it today came to light in 1987 in the famous Brundtland Report produced by several countries for the UN. It was defined as meeting 'the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs'. For the first time, a concept had been established to relate humanity's development with the need to manage resources in the best way possible. This meant a very important change in terms…

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2022 is the Year for Recycling – Rethink Fashion

Since 2010, we've been sorting thousands, if not millions, of fashion garments. Last year was a particularly busy year at our shops, resulting in a wonderful and generous flow of donations. Today, we’ve grown into a fully-fledged real textile, garment and fabric recycling depot and the pillars of REDUCE–REUSE–RECYCLE are at the core of our mission. Oh boy, do we work hard on sorting, selecting, and scrutinising the best available stock. We always want to remain relevant, fresh, and immaculate…

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Being a social entrepreneur

As we find ourselves in somewhat of an awards season recognising and celebrating social entrepreneurship, we felt compelled to write about what being a social entrepreneur is all about. Broadly, social entrepreneurship is explained as ‘developing, funding, and implementing solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues’. She.Leads.Africa published an article unpacking the ‘4 things you need to know about social entrepreneurship’; 1. It’s about People 2. It’s about Innovation 3. It’s about Collaboration 4. It’s about Passion. This resonates so much with our team.…

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Half Way Through The Year… 2021

Welcome to our ‘Half Year Blog Report’ We've reached our financial mid-year and the past six months have been a whirlwind of change and memorable milestones. 2021 will be remembered for so many reasons, many of which aren't necessarily positive as people navigated the second and third wave of Covid, the national looting crisis, and taxi strikes in Cape Town, etc. Fortunately, the year has brought Chic Mamas many blessings that we've been able to pass onto our beneficiaries, and…

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Thrifting is a growing trend

An interview in Retailing Africa on 21 May 2021 Chic Mamas Do Care is a South African volunteer-based, purpose-led brand founded on sustainable fashion, intent on supporting educational development projects to help break the cycle of poverty in SA. It was founded in 2010 by Abigél Sheridan in her living room in Cape Town by facilitating the sale, trade and swapping of good quality preloved clothing, all proceeds going towards selected project beneficiaries. Chic Mamas Do Care has established boutique stores…

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Volunteering full-heartedly

Volunteering – to give or to receive?  By Kathy Cassells volunteer /ˌvɒlənˈtɪə/ work for an organization without being paid. "volunteering is an easy way to get involved in practical conservation" Looking at the definition of what a volunteer is or volunteering to do something it is quite clear that to volunteer is to give. That may be so but when looking into the nitty gritty and true life experiences of volunteering the definition might present as something else. I speak…

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