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Why to shop at Chic Mamas? An other perspective by Patti, our volunteer

When I think of Chic Mamas I feel -  pure joy.   Chic Mamas is a  warm, friendly, affirming environment filled with welcoming smiles, helpfulness and affirmations.  Volunteering here is never a chore, never a matter of  -   oh no it’s my shift today - in fact,  most of the volunteers (of which I am fortunate to be one) come early and eagerly do their bit. Helping our customers to feel and look their best selves, and finding great items of…

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Vrygrond Library Park Makeover

Chic Mamas Do Care with Movement4Improvement and in partnership with True North created a fundraising initiative to complete the amazing playpark at the Vrygrond Community Library. The pictures speak for themselves… see the BEFORE and AFTER photos and enjoy the happy smiles! We super excited to have completed this amazing project. The aim of the makeover is to facilitate the many pre-schools in this Township, where space is scarce and the children don’t have any opportunity to play on age…

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Hangberg Park Makeover

The Oudeskip Park in Hangberg is a small community park frequented by many children and adults on a daily basis.  It was run-down and most of the play equipment had either been broken, stolen or vandalised.  But today, it was officially reopened by Cllr Rob Quintas with new swings, a roundabout that works, a slide, seesaw, jungle gyms nd brightly coloured artwork. Chic Mamas provided the necessary funding in partnership with M&G Investments,  to repair and upgrade the play equipments…

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Eco-Warrior Program

Children growing up on the Cape Flats are faced with a deluge of daily challenges, many of which are exasperated by the high unemployment rates in the area. Issues such as gangsterism and substance abuse are part of their daily lives and many of these children are merely trying to survive from day-to-day. Opportunities to grow themselves and to escape this harsh environment are few and far between. These children have the potential to be tomorrow’s leaders, to grow our…

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