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Why to shop at Chic Mamas? An other perspective by Patti, our volunteer

Why To Shop At Chic Mamas? An Other Perspective By Patti, Our Volunteer

When I think of Chic Mamas I feel –  pure joy.   Chic Mamas is a  warm, friendly, affirming environment filled with welcoming smiles, helpfulness and affirmations.  Volunteering here is never a chore, never a matter of  –   oh no it’s my shift today – in fact,  most of the volunteers (of which I am fortunate to be one) come early and eagerly do their bit.

Helping our customers to feel and look their best selves, and finding great items of clothing or accessories is so rewarding to both our customer and the volunteer.  I love the way the other customers all chirp in and add their bit to the person parading in front of the mirror – where else would you get such friendliness and good advice?  The culture of  friendship is what sets shopping at Chic Mamas apart.

What has caused this special shopping experience?  Quite simply it’s the fact that one is shopping for a cause and mission  – not just supporting big retailers  – but in fact changing the lives of children item by item bought.

The  fact is that all the items sold by Chic Mamas are donated by people with big hearts that see the purpose in supporting a cause like Chic Mamas which supports in turn , children’s literacy programs and all kinds of ECD projects.

We are surely all aware of the lack of reading skills in our primary school kids, and quite frankly if you ever dealt with children Grade 1 to 3 you would be astounded by the lack of reading skills out there.  By grade 3 a child should have learnt to read and by Grade 4 they need to read to learn and understand and be able to apply what they have read to their school curriculum.

I myself volunteered in a life changing literacy upgrading programme with an incredible organization – Life Matters – and have worked with children in Grade 3 who could not read C A T.  What future does that child have?  As an avid reader I can’t imagine my life without books – but to the child who has no one to encourage them to read – many of them have illiterate parents – the future is bleak.

So yes, we encourage our Chic Mamas shoppers to look wonderful at great prices and at the close of each day when we cash up our hearts are flowing with joy as we know where the funds are going! – To help our children of this country to achieve a better future.

Patti Graham

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