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We are 10 years old!

We Are 10 Years Old!

Welcome to our double digit years and a brand new website!

We are very excited to celebrate with you this amazing milestone, which means so much to us.
Let me bring you back to the very beginning of our existence and how we started our mission…

In 2010, we hosted a fabulous Exclusive Fashion Exchange party in my home, our very first event.
With a few friends (they later became the founder Trustees ) we set a target to raise funds for children’s education in our neighbouring communities.
On that day, we had over 70 women through my home and we swapped a lots of clothing, laughed a great amount and had a whole lots of fun.
We managed to triple our target and 22 000 Rand later, we had to realise: this has to be a regular gathering!

Our very first real project was a 200 000 Rand Edutainer by BrighKid Foundation, an old shipping container converted into a fully equipped classroom. With the greatest joy, this classroom was delivered to Sunrise Educare in Vrygrond, Cape Town on 7th February 2011… and we smiled… the rest they say, is history!

Our Exclusive events became popular and soon, we had a lots of clothing to sell. This is when we started to go to the Tokai Library for our monthly 1/2 price sales to the public. I will never forget lifting those rails and the endless amount of fashion items we transported to the much anticipated sale days.
Our very first shop opened its doors in Plumstead soon enough and my dear husband could reposes his dining room for the sake of peace in the family.

Since these baby steps, we have donated 7.5 million Rand to various vital amazing educational projects in our neighbouring communities. Our mission is to uplift education and focus on Early Childhood Development, that each child can be stimulated in a safe environment, get ready for school and have full support during these important years of learning. We believe to break the cycle of poverty, we need to provide opportunities. To take on these opportunities, quality education is key. A lifelong learning is established at the beginning of life. It starts with proper literacy and numeracy skills, adequate nutrition and healthy habits, living in safe environments, taught by qualified and caring teachers and counsellors… all to reach one’s full potential.

This is our mission, this is our task to fulfil. We set the pole high, but with one clothing item at a time, we can slowly make a big difference.

We have partnered with the most compassionate, driven and highly qualified project leaders.
We have created a community for caring active citizens, who are part of our mission for years and years to come. They enable us to deliver what we stand for.
And most importantly, we have established the most passionate, generous and caring volunteers and now a management TEAM. With the commitment and the energy to succeed, the endless hours of dedication and a sense of responsibility, our kind Mamas are really the key factor why we are celebrating today!

To sum it up:

I am incredibly grateful, that today we are present in 4 locations, reaching out to thousands of children in need and to their wider livelihood, we have created an amazing community to behold, our Board of Trustees are solid and our governance is strong, proud to have over 50 volunteers near and far.

Let’s celebrate giving, being green and eco conscious, being part of an ever evolving convergence where sustainability, unconditional love and compassion rules!

Welcome to our Chic World! We are 10 years old. Happy Birthday to Us!

With love and gratitude,


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